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Vespa Fashion offers an array of services, Our primary services include Weddings, Bespoke & Made to Measure Suiting!  We also do Made to Measure Eton Shirts as well!

Custom made wedding suits
Bespoke wedding suits
Bridal party suits

Weddings Suits - Sydney



Wedding services offered by Vespa Fashion can ease the unnecessary stress of organising a bridal party as we can arrange private bookings after hours in our Liverpool store or Newtown showroom.

Our services include Bespoke / Tailor-Made, Custom Made / Made to Measure or off the rack Suiting.

Crafting with luxury & premium fabrics such as Ermenegildo Zegna Cloth, Lanificio Cerruti 1881, Hollad & Sherry Savile Row London, Dormeuil Cloth, Drago, Dino Filarte, Davisha Textiles and more.

If you live/work outside of South Western Sydney, you may also visit our Newtown location for pin-ups, we can service the entire wedding party.

 We can  organise pin-ups and suit fittings at the clients preferred location whether it may be at home or work we’ll make it happen.  (conditions apply).

Having an in-house master tailor makes all the more difference, once alterations are done, with no extra cost we press all the garments including the shirts along with everything hung on a hanger and in a suit bag all pressed, named and ready the special day!

To book in a time for a quote, fitting or a whole wedding party, please fill out the form below or call us directly on 02-98243330 

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